Meet Nativ.

A revolutionary high-resolution music system and touchscreen control center. Enjoy convenient access to all the world's music, in spectacular quality. Connect Nativ to your TV to play stunning music videos.

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Central control


Enjoy instant access to your music and conveniently control your wireless speakers with Nativ’s stunning 11.6" touchscreen interface.

Breathtaking sound


Experience your music in truly exceptional sound quality, which is on par with the world's best audiophile components. Minus the outrageous price tag.

Flexible & Open


Nativ is powered by an open platform that allows developers to build great new apps and features. From audio to smart home applications, the sky is the limit.

The epicenter of your music.

The heart of our high-resolution music system is Nativ Vita, an innovative network music player with a stunning 11.6” touchscreen LCD and up to 10TB capacity. It puts all your music at your fingertips, from your favorite streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal to music on your computer, NAS or smartphone. And it is the world's first high-res music player to play music videos right on your TV, via HDMI or wirelessly through Google Cast.

Simply connect Nativ Vita to your A/V receiver or USB DAC. Or stream directly to your wireless speakers and headphones. In spectacular quality.

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Breathtaking sound.

Nativ Wave is a state-of-the-art balanced DAC and headphone amplifier that converts all your digital music to breathtaking sound. It features a fully balanced differential DAC design with two Burr-Brown 24-bit/192kHz DSD1792A, intelligent 32-bit SHARC DSP with DSD upsampling and a high-precision master clock generator with two ultra-low phase noise oscillators by Crystek to virtually eliminate all jitter. Wow!

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Pure linear power.

The secret to any great sounding audio component is a stable and absolutely noise-free power supply. Nativ Pulse is based on a highly sophisticated linear circuit design with dedicated supplies for the analog and digital sections, ultralow noise linear regulators, custom-built toroidal transformer and a state-of-the-art AC power line filter to get the maximum performance out of your Nativ DAC.

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Toss that hideous CD rack.

If you own a considerable CD collection our Nativ Disc is perfect for you. Simply insert the CD and it will automatically import into Nativ Vita. Each CD is read repeatedly to ensure a bit-perfect copy of the original performance, and automatically tagged with detailed album information and beautiful artwork.

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More than just a pretty face.

Nativ is a refreshing alternative to the monotonous design of many audio components, and is crafted out of the finest 7000 series aluminum, Asahi® glass and American wood materials. But don’t let its stunning looks deceive you. Underneath its pretty face it features only best-in-class technology, including a high-resolution 11.6” IPS LCD,
Burr-Brown DAC ICs, Talema® toroidal transformers, German-made WIMA® FP Polypropylene capacitors and all of todays and tomorrows key technologies. Nativ is built to last.

Powered by you.

Nativ is not simply a product, but a platform that constantly evolves. Our SDK and powerful hardware allow developers from around the world to build innovative apps and features that go beyond today’s imagination. And our customers actively participate in our product development. The future of Nativ is you.

Get Nativ.

A new high-resolution music system and touchscreen control center that revolutionizes your music experience.

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