First prototypes of the new system stand are in …

August 14, 2016 First prototypes of the new system stand are in …

Hello everybody,

first of all a special thanks to Jon and Martin for their detailed feedback and great ideas regarding the design of the new stand for the Nativ high-res music system. And to all of you who have chimed in to make it happen. We believe the new system-stand provides a beautiful and functional alternative to accommodate the different NATIV modules, current and future ones. 

Please find below a few pictures of the first wood prototypes, including the new desk-stand (which looks more refined now). We are still fine-tuning some of the features, but we are pretty close to the final design.

Have a great week-end!



Alternatively the system stand can also be used as an additional separator between the NATIV modules:Nativ-High-Res-Music-System-7Nativ-High-Res-Music-System-6


Cable guidance for Nativ Vita Music Server:




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  • Will
    08/14/16 7:32 am

    Great design overall. Can we see the full rendition with Vita, Wave, Pulse, and CD ripper? Thanks!

    • Christiane Dauner > Will
      08/14/16 12:19 pm

      Hello Will, these are actually real pictures and no renderings. Nativ Disc would simply be stacked on top of the other 2 units (so it would be 3 stacked modules). We shot one picture with Nativ Vita + Disc as this is a common setup (see above). I can see if we can shoot a setup with all 4 units as well, but not sure it will be done quickly.

  • Dani
    08/14/16 8:09 am

    Looks grande

  • Jon
    08/14/16 12:39 pm

    It looks fabulous, the cabling using the underneath tray (cutout at the bottom of the wooden plate) seems to work perfectly. Congrats guys that is going to look amazing. I like the idea of inserting a wooden plate in between components, it gives it a classier look. It’s also very functional once you’re ready to connect the rest of your sounds system to it, specially speakers and amps, the back wiring will be a lot more manageable.

    Than you guys for listening to your customers.

    • Christiane Dauner > Jon
      08/14/16 12:50 pm

      Hey Jon, no problem at all. That’s what crowd-funding is all about. We agree that using an additional wood plate as a separator looks elegant. We are thinking of making a special version without the cable tunnel for the separators as it might look even better.

      • Jon > Christiane Dauner
        08/14/16 2:22 pm

        You may want to just provide a wooden insert to mask the cable tunnel, you’d just have to insert it in place and by friction it would stay in position, just a suggestion. Another option is to have say a bronze color metal plate to install in that cable tunnel. A mixture of wood and metal could also increase the look. One additional use would be for someone to hide the remote control in the unused cable tunnel, a convenient feature.

        • Christiane Dauner > Jon
          08/14/16 11:20 pm

          Hello Jon, we actually machine the cable tunnel in a second step so probably will just have two SKUs and not machine this part on some. The metal insert is a great idea and we can look into this.

        • sisko > Jon
          08/16/16 5:14 pm

          great idea to hide the remote that way!

  • Bastian
    08/15/16 3:17 am

    Looks Gorgeous… can we see the Vita with the all cables attached as well please… Thanks

    • Christiane Dauner > Bastian
      08/15/16 11:51 pm

      Hello Bastian, photos take a lot of time so I simply had them add a few screenshots from the CAD program. I hope that works.

  • uncola
    08/16/16 3:02 pm

    Amazing to see you guys come out of nowhere and introduce products with Apple levels of polish and design

    • Sally Chen > uncola
      08/16/16 11:42 pm

      Hello uncola, thanks so much! We are glad you like what we do.

  • sisko
    08/16/16 5:12 pm

    Nativ Vita cabling going a “90 degrees way” out. Hopefully there is enough space for stiff cables plus connectors. The look is fantastic. I am with Jon: wooden plates in between look beautiful. Sadly I am only in with two Units and the Vita seems to prefer a desk stand. Great work, thanks. Any news from “my” cube Remote?

    • Sally Chen > sisko
      08/16/16 11:44 pm

      Hello Sisko, thank you for your comments. Sorry, we won’t be looking at the cube remote control until next year as we need to finish the current products first. We have a few other product ideas and will post a survey here to see what everyone thinks should have priority.

    • > sisko
      08/17/16 5:15 am

      Hello Christiane,

      Thanks for those screenshots. But I am a bit curious by the design choice here. As Sisko alluded to, access to the digital outputs will be challenged due to the “90 degree angulation”. However, I am assuming that there will be enough “clearance”, so that this would be a moot point. If not, I hope this will be addressed. I am all in with the Nativ system, so I am definitely confident in your vision. Thanks!

      • Christiane Dauner >
        08/17/16 9:14 am

        Hello there, the design of the cable tunnel is not completely finalized yet and we will definitely make sure there is enough clearance.

  • Per
    08/19/16 4:13 pm

    I would like to suggest the addition of a wooden stand with the Nativ logo for placement of the remotes. Would be really nice to be able to balance a cube remote on one corner on a wooden stand.

  • Kevin
    08/20/16 8:19 pm

    Each unit still comes with the vertical “desk stand”, correct? The “stack stand” is optional? The only unit I would stack would be the ripper, as it doesn’t have a display, but I doubt it will stay “out” anyway, once I’m done with the dreaded ripping process.

    One other question: Is it October yet? =;0)

    • Sally Chen > Kevin
      08/21/16 12:35 am

      Hello Kevin, yes that is correct. Each unit comes with the vertical desk-stand and the system stand is optional. We will ask everyone before we ship which option they want. You will also be able to buy the system stand additionally if you want it for your Nativ Disc.

      • Kevin > Sally Chen
        08/21/16 10:41 pm

        Thank you for the quick and positive response, but I can’t help noticing you didn’t answer if it’s October yet. I can’t wait!
        I get it, you’re teaching me patience.
        Good luck with that!

        • Sally Chen > Kevin
          08/22/16 12:53 am

          Hello Kevin, sorry it’s not October yet. Patience is also not my personal strength so I understand how you feel (-:

  • Ian
    08/26/16 10:04 pm


    I’m looking forward to receiving four modules (system plus the CD ripper), and I’m wondering if the options for a stand or base applies to each unit? For example could I have a base for the PS and stands for th other three? I’m also wondering if you’d make the wall mount options available as an alternative choice (that is instead of, rather than in addiction to the stand/base) which would be the ideal for me!

    • Sally Chen > Ian
      08/26/16 11:59 pm

      Hello Ian, the option will be to choose between 1 system stand for the stacked components (+ 1 desk-stand for Vita) or for single desk-stands for all units. Sorry, we cannot offer the wall-mount as a replacement option as it has a different cost. We can however see if we can offer an “upgrade” option for individual customers if they only want wall-mounts instead of desk-stands. Just contact us via email if you are interested.

      • Ian > Sally Chen
        08/27/16 6:08 am

        Thanks Sally, will do! I love that you guys listen and respond to customer requests soooo flexibly!

  • Jon
    09/02/16 8:53 am

    Hi guys, question about the Vita stand. I can see a metal bracket inside from the bottom stand views. How is that attached to Vita? With that this means the unit is fixed to the base. One thing that would have made the stand more flexible and at this stage I don’t know how difficult that would be is to allow Vita angle from the base to be variable so that depending on the height of the table you could orient Vita in direct contact with one’s eyes and therefore making it easier to read. Some sort of hinged mechanism that the stand would have. I am not certain that wood would be the best material for that but possibly a combination of wood and metal or just metal. Something you may want to think about for more versatility.

    On another note, I can still see the space from the bottom of Vita to be a tad too tight for connections. Do you have a unit fully wired for say balanced connections to show us in pictures? That would go a long way to make us feel that you handled wiring properly. Nothing worse than having the units from your manufacture to find out most of our cables won’t work. I can see that 45 degree connectors might be necessary to make it work and if that’s the case we would want to be informed so that we can take the appropriate steps to build/buy those cables. I know for a fact that those XLR plugs are pretty long, a few inches long (3 inches with the cable bent minimum) that those ones won’t feeling is you might have to heighten the base to fit the cabling there. May I suggest you offer cables too?

    • Sally Chen > Jon
      09/03/16 2:42 am

      Hey Jon, the metal bracket will attach the unit to the desk-stand and hold it in place. Sorry, it is not possible to do a design that allows flexible viewing angle. It would complicate the design tremendously, affect the long-term reliability and also require us to change materials (it’s a great idea though).

      The space on the bottom is indeed a bit tight for audiophile grade cables, but OK for standard cables (spacing is 2.5″ currently). We are looking at angled connectors and/or adapter cables (with low profile XLR connectors like We will provide a high-end solution for those customers that need them so you don’t have to look around (and pay crazy prices). We will post pictures as soon as we have everything sorted out. Have a great week-end!

      • Jon > Sally Chen
        09/03/16 3:41 pm

        Thanks Sally, I am one of those that wires all my equipment in balanced mode using XLR connectors so I would need to have a solution for that. I have built all my cables using straight XLR Neutrik connectors myself so would not mind doing a few more cables with the side way cable connectors I do not think the 45 degree Neutrik connectors will work since it’s still larger than 2.5 inch after the bend. I checked the website you mentioned and really dig those side way cable connectors, it’s not 45 degree connectors like Neutrik makes but a straight connector with a side exit cable. It’s quite ingenious. May I suggest you provide the ability for handy people like me to buy those connectors at a reasonable price. We have a local suppliers of balanced cables that are perfect for the job. Otherwise if you make it such that it’s equal to the costs of components then I don’t mind. Can’t wait to see what you have in mind to fix this issue.

        • Sally Chen > Jon
          09/04/16 12:45 am

          Hello Jon, if we go the way with the low profile XLR connectors we will provide a list of suppliers where you can get those connectors directly (we have spoken with different companies in Germany and the US that can provide these cables to you, based on our specifications). Additionally we will offer them as an accessory ourselves so you can buy everything together (we are currently inquiring about the costs and will update you asap. You can then make a comparison.). Have a great Sunday!

          • Parinya V. > Sally Chen
            10/13/16 7:00 am

            Let’s me know about the these cable option when it’s avaliable. Are there any cables came in the box, at least theare should be one of those power cable from PULSE to the others two unit right?
            The CD ripper doesn’t need to use the power provided by the Pulse or does it?

          • Sally Chen
            10/13/16 2:58 pm

            Hello Parinya, all Nativ products come with power cords (for your specific country) and Nativ Disc also comes with a USB cable (it does not need power from Pulse as it is powered via USB). Pulse includes special power/control cables for connecting to your Vita and Wave. Thanks!

  • gregoryabrown
    12/04/18 7:42 pm

    I see the correspondence has stopped 10/2016. Has there been any further development on the stands? Is there a stand available for the Nativ Vita and Disc combination?

    • Nativ Support > gregoryabrown
      12/04/18 7:50 pm

      Hello Gregory, we have actually finished the design a long time ago and we are shipping the system stand as you can see it in the pictures above (horizontal design so you can stack the Disc, DAC and Power Supply). The Vita needs to be in the (angled) desk-stand so you can operate the touchscreen.


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