Why does my album artwork look fuzzy?

January 26, 2018

This problem usually can only happen with network music libraries, i.e. if you stream music from a NAS or computer to the Nativ Vita (for local music libraries please see end of this article). The reason for this is that the software that is responsible for delivering the album artwork to the Nativ Vita either compresses the album artwork, or takes the embedded album artwork as default (even if a separate high-resolution album artwork is available in the album folder).

Here is how you can solve it:


Please make sure the UPnP software on your NAS or computer does not have settings enabled to use low-resolution album artwork.

If you have a SYNOLOGY NAS please apply the following steps:

Step 1:

Open Media Server Application and go to the BROWSING SETTINGS and …

a) disable the “Transmit low resolution images instead of original images” setting

b) enable the „Display cover image for audio/video filesSynology Browsing Settings
Step 2:

Go to the DMA COMPATIBILITY settings and click on the button „Device List”Synology Browsing Settings

Step 3:

Additionally, and this is important, please …

a) add the profile „Default: Profile with original cover“ for the listed Nativ Vita. Note: For artwork bigger than 4096 x 4096 please try the XBMC or WD LIVE profile.

b) SAVE the profileSynology DMA Settings

Note: Some of our users have recommended to install MinimServer on the Synology NAS for improved UPnP browsing and high-resolution artwork support. It is available as an option in the PACKAGE CENTER of your Synology NAS.



SMB is more tricky as it uses the embedded album artwork, which usually is lower quality. The only way to solve this is to make sure the embedded album artwork is in high-resolution, or to remove the embedded album artwork (in this case the Vita will revert to the album artwork that is stored separately in the folder).


Local music libraries 

If this problem happens with music that is stored on the built-in hard drives of your Vita please ensure the artwork of the music meets the requirements for the high-resolution displays of the Vita. Please also change the brightness of the display one time (under Settings > Preferences > Display).