Why does some album artwork not show up?

May 23, 2017

For Nativ Vita to recognize and display the album artwork it must either be

a) embedded in the metadata tag of the music file,


b) stored as a separate file in the same folder as the track it refers to. Note: The album artwork must be in JPEG/JPG format and the file size cannot exceed 15MB for each artwork. There can only be 1 artwork file in the folder. If you have several files the Vita will not recognize them.

To embed album artwork with your music file we recommend either MP3TAG or KID3

The Nativ Vita uses the following resolution for album artwork:

  • Mini Play Bar: 150 x 150
  • Play screen:  900 x 900
  • Recently Played & Album Cover view (MY MUSIC > ALBUMS):  500 x 500 (Now Playing) and 300 X 300 (Up Next)
  • List view (MY MUSIC) : 75 X 75

To get the best quality experience we therefore recommend that your artwork has at least a resolution of 700 X 700 pixels.


If you are streamlining from a Synology NAS please enable album artwork in the settings. If that does not resolve the problem there are some well known bugs with a few Synology models that affect album artwork display, for example

We recommend to post in their forum to ask for support.
If you cannot resolve the problem with Synology we recommend to install MinimServer on your Synology NAS.