Why do my CDs not rip or show up on the Nativ Vita?

February 21, 2018

If the CDs you rip just take a very short time to be imported and you get a confirmation message on the Nativ Vita’s LCD that “0 of X tracks have been ripped successfully” the problem is likely linked to an improper connection between the Nativ Vita Music Player and the Nativ Disc CD Ripper.

Please confirm the following:
1) The USB cable that came with the Nativ Disc is connected to …
a) the USB port (Type A) next to the Ethernet port on the Nativ Vita.
b) to the USB port (Type B) on the Nativ Disc (Type B is the squarish looking USB port).
2) The Power supply for the Nativ Disc is connected to the USB port (Type A) on the Nativ Disc.
Note: Without stating the obvious please also make sure your Nativ Vita has a built-in hard disk drive. This is required for ripping CDs to the Vita.