How do I eject a CD if it is stuck?

February 15, 2018

Please go to Settings > Music Library > CD Importing and tap on the EJECT button.

In the rare case that the Vita crashes when trying to eject the CD please try the following:

1) Unplug the Nativ Disc from the Nativ Vita
2) Boot up the Vita
3) Go to Settings > Music library > CD importing
4) Plug in the Nativ Disc and immediately and repeatedly press the EJECT button in the settings page.

This problem can happen if the connection between the Nativ Vita and the Nativ Disc is not correct. Here is how the two devices should be connected: 

1) The USB cable that came with the Nativ Disc is connected to …

a) the USB port (Type A) next to the Ethernet port on the Nativ Vita.
b) to the USB port (Type B) on the Nativ Disc (Type B is the squarish looking USB port).
2) The Power supply for the Nativ Disc is connected to the USB port (Type A) on the Nativ Disc.