Why does some music not show up after import to the Vita?

December 12, 2018

If you have copied music to the internal hard drives of the Vita please wait a certain time for the Vita to finish indexing the music into the local database. This usually takes about the same time as the copy process (e.g. if it took 1 hour to copy the music to the Vita it will take about another hour to index it).

If the music still does not show up then please initiate a manual synchronization in the settings. If the synchronization does not help, please do a rebuild.

P.S. If you are using MP3TAG to edit the metadata of your music please be aware of the following setting:

Before you add new tags for display and editing to the main window, open the MP3Tag Options menu and select “Tags”. Please set the read, write and remove properties according to your preference. This is important as MP3Tag allows you to write different frame structures (e.g. IDv2.3 and APE) into one audio file. We recommend to use only one frame structure to avoid issues.