Pure linear power.

The secret to any great sounding audio component is a stable and absolutely noise-free power supply. Nativ Pulse features a highly sophisticated linear circuit design with dedicated supplies for the analog and digital sections, ultra-low noise linear regulators, custom-built toroidal transformer and a state-of-the-art AC power line filter to get the maximum performance out of your Nativ DAC.

Analog is key.

Nativ Pulse is separated into dedicated power supplies for the audio stages and the digital circuits. To protect the sensitive analog stages we use best-in-class regulators that minimize ripple and eliminate jitter. With more than 50,000 μ-Farad of storage capacitance Nativ Pulse delivers virtually unlimited impulse current and an excellent transient and bass response, allowing Nativ Wave to go from absolute silence to explosive dynamics in the blink of an eye.

It's all about the timing.

The ultra-precise clock generator on Nativ Wave is an engineering marvel and is –like all clocks– highly susceptible to noise. Nativ Pulse employs a dedicated supply to power the sensitive digital clocking circuits on the DAC modules, and a dedicated linear regulator for the clock generator to virtually eliminate jitter. A total of 25 separate low- noise linear regulators minimize noise and interference between all circuits.

Even digital hates noise.

A separate high-end Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) delivers stable power to non-audio components, featuring a high efficiency rating and ripple noise below 50mVp-p at full load (5A).

Ultra-low-low-low noise.

Made exclusively for Nativ by Nuvotem Talema® this exceptional multi-rail toroidal transformer provides clean and stable power and keeps noise contamination to a minimum. It uses a high-mass, low-profile, low magnetic field design and is electrostatically shielded to suppress power line disturbances.

Starting at the source.

A great power supply design is all about minimizing noise, and that starts with the power line. Nativ Pulse incorporates a best-in-class AC power line filter from Swiss company Schurter, with an ultra-high noise attenuation to virtually eliminate all EMI/RFI noise from the AC mains.

Think outside the box.

We put Nativ Pulse in a separate enclosure for good reasons. The anti-magnetic chassis protects the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration and isolates the sensitive audio electronics in Nativ Wave from electromagnetic and mechanical interference. It also eliminates the negative effects that thermal radiation can have over the long term.

Power is sexy.

Nativ Pulse is hand-built in small production lots and is made out of the finest materials, including premium-grade 7000 series aluminum, Japanese-made Asahi® glass and solid American wood.

Form follows function.

The slanted design considerably improves the visibility of the two 2.7-inch OLED displays to show detailed information from the spectrometer such as voltage, current and wattage for in- and output. Both OLED displays can also be turned off if desired.

Keeping it cool.

The massive aluminum heat sinks dissipate all heat to the outside and keep all sensitive electronics nice and cool.

Get Nativ Pulse.

Love your Nativ Wave Dual-Mono USB DAC and supply it with clean and stable power. The acoustic benefits are simply astonishing.

Let’s go!