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Nativ unveils new iOS and Android apps. July 11, 2018 Control apps for the Nativ Vita Hi-Res Music Server now available in Apple App and Google Play Store.

Hong Kong—July 11th, 2018—Nativ™ today launched remote control apps for its popular Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Server.

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Nativ opens DMR and DMS for Vita Music Server, updates user interface. February 14, 2018 New release supports popular smartphone control apps from BubbleUPnP and 8Player, features beautiful new design for key interface screens.

Hong Kong—February 14th, 2018—Nativ™ today announced another big software update for its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Server and Touchscreen control center.

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SONOS support comes to Vita High-Resolution Music Player. January 24, 2018 Multi-room streaming is now available for local music library and popular streaming services, including Spotify, TIDAL and Pandora.

Nativ™ today announced support of multi-room streaming to SONOS speakers from its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Player. In addition to streaming music in breathtaking quality from the Vita’s built-in hard disk drives, customers can now play music directly to their SONOS system from the integrated Spotify, TIDAL and Pandora Radio music services.

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Nativ adds new Audiophile Features to Vita High-Res Music Player. October 6, 2017 Metadata Editing, DSD256 Support and Advanced Search
take advantage of state-of-the-art hardware platform
and 11.6” Touchscreen of the Nativ Vita.

Nativ™ today announced the next major software update for its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Player and Touchscreen control center.

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Nativ Updates Software on Vita High-Resolution Music Player. August 10, 2017 Free software update adds exciting new features, music services and YouTube to the Nativ Vita.

Nativ™ today unveiled that it just updated the software on its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Player and Touchscreen control center.

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Nativ Ships Vita Music Player. Adds Apple Music Support. June 14, 2017 Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Player with
11.6” Touchscreen puts the world of music at your fingertips, including Apple Music, Spotify & TIDAL.

Nativ™ today announced that it started shipping the first of its Nativ Vita™ High-Resolution Music Players and Touchscreen control centers. It also added support for a variety of new music services, including Apple Music and others.

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Nativ Announces Bit-Perfect CD Ripper Powered by Gracenote July 7, 2016 Nativ Disc™ brings convenient access to large CD collections, in lossless quality and with rich metadata experience

Nativ today unveiled its new Nativ Disc, a bit-perfect CD Ripper that allows users to import up to 12,000 CDs into their Nativ Vita high-resolution music player.

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Nativ Joins Roon Labs Partner Program, with a Twist. May 4, 2016 Nativ Vita™ world’s first high-resolution music player to unite Roon’s playback engine and music interface in one beautiful device.

Nativ™ today announced new integration details for its Nativ Vita™ and Roon’s award-winning music management and streaming software.

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Nativ Unveils High-Resolution Music System And Touchscreen Control Center April 11, 2016 Featuring convenient access to all the world’s music and music videos, in spectacular quality

Nativ™ today unveiled its new high-resolution music system, merging revolutionary technologies and beautiful design to deliver an extraordinary music experience.

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