Independent, yet perfect partners.

Our Nativ Vita High-Resolution Music Server and Nativ Wave USB DAC are impressive standalone solutions in their own right, and deliver best-in-class performance in their respective product category. However, it is only when you pair them up that you realize their full potential.

  • Automatic setup.

    Nativ Vita and Wave recognize each other automatically and do not require manual and complicated configuration.

  • No driver required.

    Unlike a computer Nativ Vita feeds Nativ Wave with High-Resolution Audio and DSD256 without any special drivers or settings.

  • Size matters.

    Setup your DAC, control the volume and view interesting information about the audio format on the beautiful 11.6” LCD.

  • One control for all.

    Control Nativ Vita and Wave conveniently from your couch via the same smartphone & tablet apps. Try that with a regular PC and USB DAC.

  • Made for each other.

    All Nativ products use the same beautiful design and premium-grade materials so they are the perfect match.

Save a bundle.

Get both Nativ Vita and Nativ Wave together and enjoy a perfectly harmonized system, and great savings.

Let’s go!