Feast your eyes on the stunning new Nativ Vita, a new touchscreen high-resolution music system


While there are plenty of beautiful premium home speaker options on the market, there arn’t too many music players that fit the same mould, with an iPad being as sophisticated as most Joes can get without having to fork out thousands. That us until now – feast your eyes on the stunning new Nativ Vita, a new touchscreen high-resolution music system.

The Nativ Vita is an innovative music player which comes with a beautiful 11.6” touch-screen and simple access to all music of the world. It features built-in support for all your big streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, and can also seamlessly play music from your smartphone, computer or NAS.

Coming with up to 4TB of capacity, Nativ Vita can be synced with virtually any wireless speaker or headphone around today, or simply deliver music in bit-perfect quality to your A/V receiver or DAC. The Vita can easily be connected to your TV too, so you can enjoy the latest music videos, or conveniently navigate your library on the big screen.

The touchscreen can simply sit on your desk, but it also comes with an optional wall mount so it can sit proudly next to your equally mesmerising canvases. The touchscreen can be seen from any angle, and acts as a central control interface to stream your music, whether it’s bog standard or high fidelity.

Nativ’s system is built with an open platform and can link to any high-end sound system you might already have in place, such as SONOS and Bose SoundTouch. It also comes with voice controlled activation so you can tell it what music to play, adjust the volume or skip to the next track.

The beautiful Nativ Music System is being funded on Indiegogo where it’s nearly hit its target of $100,000 after only a couple days. There’s two months left of funding and you can get hold of your very own Vita for around £490 ($699), 50% of retail price. Not cheap but when it looks as immaculate as it does, this of it as an art investment! Head over to the Nativ Indiegogo Page for more details.


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