As hot as… having Adele as a personal DJ.

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Not content with the current face of music, the Hong Kong-based team of Nativ decided to give it a facelift. What they finished with is more like radical plastic surgery. Split into different units that look similarly gorgeous, it’s a revolutionary sound system capable of pulling music from any source around the house, sending it to a spa treatment through the Wave DAC/headphone amp and giving you complete control. You can even control it using just your voice and command it to play the video of the song you’re listening to. An Indiegogo project that’s almost a go, we can’t wait for it. As hot as… having Adele as a personal DJ.

Behind the 11.6in Asahi glass is a world of possibilities. Talk to it, touch it, connect it to all the music in the house.

Isolating the all-important power supply from source and DAC helps the music sound better, get it?

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Stuff May 2016 - Nativ Vita