Nativ – Reinventing The Way We Experience Music.

The Nativ Vita Network Audio Player brings together a high-resolution playback engine and music interface in one beautiful device. Nativ is an innovative startup with a radical new approach to product development: Nativ products are designed as true audiophile components, supercharged with the latest and greatest in technology.

“The Nativ Vita is a high-resolution Network Audio Player and touchscreen control center that allows convenient access to all your music through wireless speakers, headphones or home theater system. True audiophile sound quality is achieved through Nativ’s high-end digital output stage with independent ultra-low noise power regulators, galvanic isolation and a special in-line filter to eliminate jitter and noise from the audio signal.”

Designed to deliver superior performance in music navigation as well as sound quality, the Nativ Vita’s 11.6” Touchscreen LCD with the latest IPS technology provides users with a convenient way to browse, explore and play music through Roon’s award-winning music management and streaming interface, which comes pre-installed with the Nativ Vita Network Audio Player*. This includes music libraries stored on a Mac, PC, NAS or its internal hard disk drives, as well as the 25 million-plus tracks that come with a TIDAL subscription. Roon scans all files in your local and streaming music library and connects it with a world of information such as artist biographies, photos, credits, reviews, concert info, and more. When used as a RoonReady® streaming endpoint, Nativ Vita uses Roon’s own hi-resolution transmission protocol, including its streamer grouping for multi-zone, fully-synchronized playback. Other wireless technologies supported by Nativ Vita include Bluetooth aptX®, Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect and Google Cast, giving users maximum flexibility in integrating music on their mobile devices. The Nativ Vita can also be connected to your TV to watch music videos.
(*Streaming your music libraries from a Mac, PC or NAS through Roon requires an additional membership. Customers without a Roon membership can navigate their libraries, and music services such as Apple Music and Spotify, through Nativ’s own interface.)
Nativ has launched its products through a crowd-funding campaign, reaching its funding goal in less than a week. Nativ Vita starts at US$1,599. Product bundles including a free 1-year Roon membership are also available while supplies last.

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