Replace your old sound system with Nativ Sound music player.

Remember your old, bulky music component that enables you to listen to the radio, play cassette tapes and CDs and has large speakers. I can gladly tell you to get rid of this old appliance sitting quietly in your room and replace it with a more modern network music player for your home.

Nativ Sound is another success stories from a crowd-funding campaign earlier this year. The innovative tech start-up offers Nativ’s a high-resolution music system that is designed as an open platform that is compatible with various devices and apps. The technology used also evolves over time, which allows users to take advantage of new trends and applications. This also prevents the device from being obsolete. The company values the power interacting with clients and developers worldwide to continuously reinvent the way we experience music.

Nativ Sound offers Nativ Vita that enables users to unify their music in one place for their homes. The high-res network music player has a touch screen control that let people to access their music from Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal right at your fingertips. Connect your music folders via Nativ Vita app. Users can also store thousands of music locally two hard-disk drives (HDDs) or SSDs with up to 2TB each, for a total of 4TB.

Nativ Vita looks like a tablet with its beautiful and high-resolution 11.6” touchscreen LCD with IPS technology. While the device is strictly made for playing music, it gives users undisturbed and pleasurable experience uninterrupted by notifications. Expense your music on your headphones, speakers, or TV via Bluetooth and HDMI.

All Nativ products are hand-build in small production lots and crafted from premium-grade 7000 series aluminum, Japanese-made Asahi glass and solid American Oak or Walnut. An optional wall-mount allows you to place Nativ Vita and Nativ Wave on the wall in just a few minutes. This promises artisan quality.

The device starts at $699. For pre-orders, check Nativ Sound’s store.

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