Nativ Vita – A Digital Audio Player with a Difference!

High-resolution digital audio players are very popular in the market and each of them have distinct form factor and features. But here is a digital music server as part of a streaming music system that is very interesting to say the least.

Hong Kong-based Nativ launched a music player that pushed the barriers of these systems to the promise that future holds. Nativ recently introduced is a three-piece music system with Nativ Vita, a digital audio player forming the core. The player includes a 11.6-inch touchscreen display with a storage space of a staggering 4TB of music. With Vita, one can stream music to all types of wireless speakers or headphones. It also supports streaming services like Spotify while also being compatible for streaming easily on a smartphone or a desktop PC too.

The Audio Player’s Format Support

The Nativ Vita supports high-resolution audio formats including the rare DSD till 11.2896 MHz and the DXD format up to 384 kHz. It also supports the MQA format offering smaller file sizes while offering superb resolution, along with authentication features.

Nativ is pitched for audiophiles who are crazy about high-performance audio and A/V systems. It also would appeal to music fans, who can enhance their existing gear with multiple features while enriching the musical experience.

While the Vita is the heart of Nativ’s music system, it also includes Nativ Wave which is a balanced DAC and headphone amplifier and Nativ Pulse, which is meant to supply the DAC with power for those who want to enjoy the experience wholeheartedly.

Salient Features of the Nativ Music System

  • The Nativ system features Nativ Vita and Wave
  • Nativ Vita is a touchscreen music player at the core of the system.
  • It includes 4 TB of storage
  • Includes popular streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube
  • Features catalog of music from more than 40,000 free web stations across 50 genres
  • Features multi-room playback through Nativ Vita or wireless speakers.
  • Can be wirelessly connected to headphones too
  • One can stream music videos directly to TV through HDMI to showcase in the house during parties and celebrations.
  • One can select the tracks to play even with voice commands with the help of the Nativ Vita’s multidirectional microphone and even through the smartphone app.
  • The Wave, the digital-to-analog converter and amplifier allows one to listen to digital music, in DSD, DXD and PCM file formats.

Pricing and Availability after Indiegogo Campaign

Nativ is right now being funded through Indiegogo. The Indiegogo campaign started on April 10 to crowdfund the product range, and the company managed to collect $100,000 within a single week. Those interested in getting Vita and the product bundle can avail the early bird price of $999 that is bereft of shipping charges.

The main element Nativ Vita, will cost backers about $1,000 independently while it would cost around $1,100 with a 2TB hard drive. The estimated price is about $1,600 and as part of the Super Early Bird pricing, one can save around $700. The early bird price for the Wave and Pulse is expected to fetch the makers about $1,499 plus shipping. They are planning to ship the products to the backers this October.

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