Nativ Vita Is The Future Of High-Res Music Players.

Forget record players and smartphones, isn’t it about time we have a new way to listen to music which is truly representative of the 21st century? Well, there is — and it’s called Nativ Vita. Never heard of it? That’s normal, this project only just launched on Indiegogo but is already creating quite the buzz. The reason why is because Nativ does what no other music player can do: it can conveniently access all the world’s music and play music videos right on a spectacular high-resolution display. Nativ Vita Is The Future Of High-Res Music Players.

Nativ Vita is beautifully designed and will make a wonderful addition to any home, regardless of the style which you’ve decorated your living room in. Thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth technology it can also connect to any wireless Bluetooth speaker in your home in order to get the party started. What’s more, you can synchronize multiple Nativ Vitas (Vitae?) together in order to create a mesh network of your favorite tunes.

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