Nativ Vita: A music system for our times.

The IndianExpress, Nandagopal Rajan

Nativ wants to change that with a touchscreen based centralised hi-fi music system, the Nativ Vita high-res music system. 

The world has moved on from music systems, and the smartphone is pretty much the primary music source for most of us now. But Nativ wants to change that with a touchscreen based centralised hi-fi music system, the Nativ Vita. What you might ask. Well, to put it simply Nativ Vita is a music system that plays both audio files and music videos. So it has an 11.6-inch touchscreen interface that lets you stream your music, no matter where you are, wirelessly. It also comes with 4 TB of inbuilt storage, and will lets users connect other devices via Google Cast, as well as via HDMI.

And unlike smartphones or tablets that are now used to stream music to wireless accessories, Nativ wants to emphasise on the quality of sound. The company claims it is powered by Nativ Wave, a “state-of-the-art balanced DAC and headphone amplifier that converts all your digital music to breathtaking sound”. It features a fully balanced differential DAC design with two Burr-Brown 24-bit/192kHz DSD1792A, intelligent 32-bit SHARC DSP with DSD upsampling, and a high-precision master clock generator with two ultra-low phase noise oscillators by Crystek to virtually eliminate all jitter, says the site. Nativ comes with most popular music apps like Spotify inbuilt, but will also allow developers to build new apps for it.

Nativ has an Indiegogo pricing of $699, a discount of $900 on the retail price.

Asked if he will be able to woo the smartphone crowd, Michael Li, CEO of Nativ Sound, told “Yes, absolutely. Admittedly this will be a smaller share of the overall smartphone crowd as not many are aware of, or care about the inferior audio quality when streaming from smartphones and using low-quality wireless speakers. But that is about to change with new music formats like Meridian’s MQA, and music streaming services like Tidal that bring high-quality music to a broader clientele.” He said Nativ Vita perfectly integrates the smartphone by supporting all key standards like Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth aptX. He says the target customers will be those who appreciate sound quality and beautiful design. “Customers from Bang & Olufsen come to mind,” he said in the email interview, adding that Nativ, however, considers itself more audiophile than a B&O, while still offering a great value.

Li said Nativ Sound will sell both through distribution and directly in India.


Nativ Vita High-Res Music Player: US$699
Nativ Wave Fully Balanced DAC and Headphone Amp: US$699

After the campaign has ended the pricing will go up to:

Nativ Vita High-Res Music Player: US$1,599
Nativ Wave Fully Balanced DAC and Headphone Amp: US$1,899

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