Nativ Vita and Nativ Wave Audio Solutions Launched, Keron Calame

There’s a new high-resolution music system seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo dubbed the Nativ Hi-Res Music System, which comes in the form of the Nativ Vita and the Nativ Wave. The Nativ gives the user access to the world of music and even connects to your television to play music videos.

The Nativ Vita is a full touchscreen music player that comes equipped with an 11.6-inch display with 4TB of internal storage capacity which comprises of two SSDs with up to 2TB each or two 2.5-inch HDDs, allowing the user to store a large library of favorite tracks from your personal computer, NAS or favorite music streaming services including; Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

The company behind the Nativ high-resolution music solution has also dubbed the Nativ Vita as the world’s first to play music videos right to your television. The Nativ also allows the user to listen podcasts and over 40,000 free internet radio stations in over 120 countries and 50 genres.

The Nativ Wave on the other hand is a fully balanced Digital to Analog converter which connects the Nativ Vita or any other digital source such as your computer, TV or gaming console to your amplifier or A/V receiver to deliver quality sound. It’s also equipped with a powerful headphone amplifier so you can get the best possible audio from some of the top headphones on the market.

The music player also has an app compatible with both Android and iOS platforms which allows the user to use voice commands to play their favorite tracks.

Nativ is seeking a crowdfunding goal of $100,000 to start shipping the device and has already achieved 84% of that goal with 55 days remaining in the campaign. Be apart of the revolution in audio and backer with a early bird pledge of $699 plus shipping. The Nativ Vita and Nativ Wave will be shipped worldwide and shipping is expected to start in October of 2016.

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