A list of reviews from the press and our lovely customers.

A high end product with an outstanding design!

A high end product with an outstanding design!

“Got the Nativ yesterday. I’m really impressed.

Thanks to the Nativ team for developing such a great music player. They have done an excellent job. To develop a high end product like the Vita in such a short time is absolutely incredible.

As Sisko already mentioned it is very important to update the meta data of the complete music libarary before importing it to the VITA. This will take me some more hours or even days…

In short:
+ building/product quality is superb
+ high end product with an outstanding design
+ high resolution touch screen, intuitive and easy to use visualization with very good performance
+ Very good sound quality

Comparison: Several songs from different CD’s vs. flac files created from CD’s
1. Arcam CD92 player (which has the legendary RingDac) => Arcam A85 amp => Audio Physic Avanti II
2. Vita => USB Audio Output => Arcam irDac supplied by PSU => Arcam A85 amp => Audio Physic Avanti II
Switching between both 1 and2 I couldn’t notice any difference in sound quality – Absolutely great!
I haven’t checked high res. songs but I’m sure they will be even more convincing!

A new music player is born – VITA is unique on the HiFi market.

Thanks again to the Nativ Team and also to all Nativ supporters with good ideas and advices.

See attached photos of the VITA.

Have a nice Sunday


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