Software Updates > Nativ Pulse Linear Power Supply

Software Version: 1.0.3
Release Date: Mar 18, 2019

Release notes.

Software 1.0.3 addresses the following issues:

• Powering off the Nativ Pulse power supply will no longer cause a hard shutdown of the Nativ Vita and will only put the Pulse into sleep mode.

To install the software please proceed as follows:

1) Download the firmware update at the link above and copy the unzipped file (named “PSU.bin“) to a USB stick (must be formatted in FAT32 and not bigger than 32GB). 
2) Turn OFF your Nativ Pulse and plug the USB stick into its USB port.
3) Power ON the Nativ Pulse
4) The Nativ Pulse will now upgrade the firmware automatically. The LEDs behind the buttons will flash during the upgrade.

After the installation please make sure the Power Supply says version 1.0.3 when booting up.