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Software Version: 1.0.2
Release Date: Apr 21, 2017

Release notes.

To update your Nativ Vita please download the software directly on the device or use the USB update feature. You can find the detailed instructions here.

Improvements and new features:

  • New music services have been added: Apple Music, SoundCloud and Vevo.
  • Added streaming to Bluetooth speakers & headphones. Simply go to SETTINGS > CONNECTIVITY > BLUETOOTH and turn on the Bluetooth module. Pair the Vita with your headphones/speaker and start the music playback.
  • Resolved networking issues that caused slow transfer speeds via Ethernet.
  • Problems with routers that have IPV6 enabled have been resolved.
  • Redesigned album cover view for MY MUSIC > ALBUMS and RECENTLY PLAYED. Increased size of album covers and changed opacity of overlays to improve readability.
  • HDMI: If Vita looses video signal it no longer has to be physically reconnected to TV to regain signal, but will automatically recover.  

Known issues:

  • Some USB DACs are still not recognized. In this case the Nativ Vita will not start the music playback and the selected track will remain at 00:00 play time.
  • Intermittent issues to connect to networks with hidden SSIDs and via manual network setup.
  • Music Services:
    a) Jango Radio: Their left navigation bar is partially covered by the Nativ navigation bar. 
    b) Paradise Radio: HOME and BACK button in Nativ navigation bar disappear after some time (tapping a free times on the Nativ navigation bar will bring them back).
    c) Apple Music: The SETTING bar on the left is partially covered by the Nativ navigation bar.

Please report all issues directly through the Nativ Vita interface or through our online tech support form.