Software Updates > Nativ Vita Music Player

Software Version: 1.1.2
Release Date: Aug 10, 2017

Release notes.

To update your Nativ Vita please download the software directly on the device or use the USB update feature. You can find the detailed instructions here.

Improvements and new features:

  • SEARCH is now available. To access the SEARCH mask tap on the “…” icon in the navigation bar and select SEARCH. Currently only regular search has been implemented. We will add ADVANCED SEARCH in a later release.

  • Streaming from Smartphone via Bluetooth. To pair your Smartphone go to SETTINGS > CONNECTIVITY > BLUETOOTH and turn on the Bluetooth module. Select the INPUT option in the header and follow the instructions in the screen. Currently we do not display the music information from your Smartphone on the Vita’s LCD, but that will be added in one of the upcoming releases. 

  • You can now cache your network library via SMB (SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > NETWORK LIBRARIES). SMB has the benefit over UPnP that it allows incremental caching (i.e. if you add music to your library the Vita can add this to the cache without having to cache the complete library again).

  • NEWLY ADDED category has been added to MY MUSIC. It displays all the music that has been imported to the Vita during a certain time period (Note: PLAY ALL and SHUFFLE ALL features do not work yet.)

  • FOLDER VIEW has been added to MY MUSIC, which displays the music as the exact folder structure in the SMB folder of your Vita (or on your NAS/PC/Mac). For network libraries you need to cache the music library again to enable this feature. 

  • We have added a large number of new MUSIC SERVICES, including Bandcamp, YouTube, Napster, Qobuz and TuneIn.

  • INTERNET RADIO: Radio stations can now be accessed via the TuneIn app (under MY MUSIC > MUSIC SERVICES).

  • We implemented a versioning system for MUSIC SERVICES and ROON. You can now update the apps directly through the Nativ User Interface when a new version of the app (e.g. Spotify) is available. Please do not update from inside the app itself, as this will redirect you to the Google Play Store and can cause complications. 

  • GAPLESS PLAYBACK is now supported (can be enabled under SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > PLAYBACK).

  • Nativ Vita is now also acting as a UPnP and SMB server and can stream music to 3rd party Digital Media Players (DMP) or Digital Media Renderers (DMR).

  • We added PRESET functionality for the remote control under SETTINGS > SYSTEM > REMOTE CONTROL. Also implemented navigation functionality (up/down/left/right).

  • SUPPORT REQUEST FORM: We now pre-fill your name and email address to make it easier to submit support requests through the Vita.


Bugs resolved:

  • Resolved most inconsistent network dropouts with Ethernet and WiFi.

  • Some issues with Backup & Restore to 2nd internal hard drive has been fixed.

  • Fixed issue with Radio Paradise (Music Service). App is now available under installed music services after download.

  • Resolved problem with PLAY/PAUSE button on remote control (restarting music playback in MINI PLAY BAR).

  • Problem that causes music playback from internal hard drive to stop when Nativ Vita looses network connection has been resolved.

  • Music playback problems when switching between different outputs (e.g. Bluetooth and digital out) and sources (e.g. between music on HDD and music service) have been fixed.

  • Apple Routers: Vita now connects with 5GHz speed to the Apple Router’s 5GHz network.


Known issues:

  • Streaming from Smartphone (via Bluetooth): We are still having issues with some of the Samsung Galaxy models and will resolve this in the next release.

  • Music Services: Spotify can lead Nativ Vita to crash intermittently. A quick workaround is to launch Spotify and start playback of the music. Once the playback has started simply tap on the HOME button (so the Spotify screen will disappear and the Vita will go to the MUSIC SERVICES screen). The app will then run in the background and not crash.

  • Caching from some UPnP Software packages (e.g. standard software with some models of Synology NAS) misses some tracks and does not capture the complete music library.