Software Updates > Nativ Vita Music Player

Software Version: 1.2.0
Release Date: Oct 03, 2017

Release notes.

To update your Nativ Vita please download the software directly on the device or use the USB update feature. You can find the detailed instructions here.

Improvements and new features:

  • ADVANCED SEARCH has been added. To access this feature please tap on the “…” icon above the BACK button in the navigation bar and select SEARCH.

  • METADATA EDITING is now possible directly on the Nativ Vita. Simply tap on the “…” icon next to a song, album or artist and select EDIT METADATA in the pop-up.

    Important Note: We have implemented that metadata tags are no longer case sensitive (e.g. “Aerosmith” and “aerosmith” will no longer show up as 2 separate artists), and also made some database changes regarding the COMPILATION tags. If you have music stored on the built-in hard disk drive please do a REBUILD of your music library after updating to 1.2.o (SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > LOCAL HDD). 

  • Support for DSD and DXD files has been added via DoP. Native DSD support will be added in a later release.

  • The album cover view of ALBUMS, NEWLY ADDED and RECENTLY PLAYED has been redesigned. 

  • Nativ Vita will now automatically check if a new version of a music service or ROON is available upon launch and provide an option to download and install.

  • We have separated the setting pages for Bluetooth OUTPUT and INPUT into two pages to make it more intuitive.

  • Nativ Vita now also supports album artwork that is saved as a separate file (i.e. not embedded into the metadata tags). 

  • We have added a STREAM button in the navigation bar for quick access to your Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Simply tap on the “…” icon to access it.

  • You can now play your complete library, also in shuffle mode. Simply go to MY MUSIC > SONGS and press the PLAY or SHUFFLE icon in the header bar. 


Bugs resolved:

  • Resolved inconsistent playback issues which caused skips before the track has ended in some cases, and intermittent issues with playback inside the album cover view. 

  • Fixed a few bugs with UPnP caching from Synology NAS and MinimServer.

  • Resolved problems that causes audio output to mute when switching between different music sources (HDD, network library, Bluetooth and Music Services).

  • Nativ Vita now saves the setting for audio outputs. Note: If using a USB DAC it must be turned ON before the Nativ Vita is booted up in order to be recognized. Otherwise the Vita will revert to the default digital output (Coax/Optical).

  • Intermittent appearance of “Internal Data Stream Error” messages has been resolved.

  • Streaming via Bluetooth from Galaxy Smartphones now works.

  • Resolved issues with gapless playback.


Known issues:

  • Composer view under MY MUSIC does not show the Composer Name.

  • Music Services: Spotify can lead Nativ Vita to crash intermittently. A quick workaround is to launch Spotify and start playback of the music. Once the playback has started simply tap on the HOME button (so the Spotify screen will disappear and the Vita will go to the MUSIC SERVICES screen). The app will then run in the background and not crash.