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Software Version: 1.3.0
Release Date: Feb 11, 2018

Release notes.

To update your Nativ Vita please download the software directly on the device or use the USB update feature. You can find the detailed instructions here.

Improvements and new features:

  • New Play Screen design with bigger artwork and extended metadata. Tapping on artist name in top left corner navigates to artist screen.
    Play Screen Nativ Vita Music Player
    Play Screen Nativ Vita Music Player

  • New improved design for Playlist and Play Queue.
    Play Queue on Nativ Vita Music Player

  • Albums, Artists, Songs, Playlists and Music Services can now be added to Favorites (in more option menu for each item). Favorites are accessible by pressing “…” icon in Launch Bar and selecting FAVORITES.
    Favorites screen on Nativ Vita Music Player

  • CD Ripping settings have been added under SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > CD IMPORTING.
    Nativ Disc CD Ripping

  • Nativ Vita’s Digital Media Renderer (DMR) and Digital Media Server (DMS) can now be accessed by supported 3rd party apps so you can browse and play the music on the internal hard drives of the Vita. So far the following apps have been tested: BubbleUpnP (Android) and 8Player (iOS). 

  • Local music and Network Music Libraries are now separated into 2 main categories.

  • WiFi performance and stability has been improved dramatically.

  • USB Audio is now saved as audio output once it has been selected once. USB DAC must be turned ON before Nativ Vita is powered up. 

  • Improved performance of browsing in album cover view.

Bugs resolved:

  • Various problems with DSD files have been resolved:
    DSF files now will show meatadata correctly
    Issues with UPnP & SMB Caching have fixed (missing artwork etc.)
    Play time now shows correctly when DSD files are added to playlists, and also in other screens (album etc.)
    DSD files will now be added to playlist when saved from play queue

  • Sporadic system crashes with some music services (e.g. Spotify) have been resolved. 

  • Various bugs related to SEARCH have been resolved. Both for local search and network music libraries.

  • Several issues with album artwork have been fixed:
    Intermittent cases where album artwork does not show up have been resolved.
    Album artwork that has been stored as separate file in album folder will now show up when using UPnP or SMB Caching.
    Issues where album artwork looks “fuzzy” (low-res) have been resolved.

  • Fixed issues with saving remote control presets.

  • Intermittent issues with caching via SMB have been resolved.

  • A variety of issues have been fixed where 3rd party Digital Media Players (DMPs) could not access the Nativ Vita as UPnP & SMB server.

Known issues: