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Software Version: 1.5.0
Release Date: Feb 06, 2020

Release notes.

Caution: This software update is not available via direct download on your Vita and needs to be installed via USB stick. We  have made considerable changes in this software and therefore will also update the low level firmware of your Vita. Once you install the software update it will first install the software, reboot and then install the firmware update (and then reboot again). It is absolutely crucial that you do not turn off the Vita during this process as it otherwise can be rendered inoperable. Please make sure it is connected to a stable power supply.

After the download please unzip the folder (unless you are on a Mac, then the download will automatically unzip). You can then copy the “Update.img” file to a USB stick (formatted in FAT32) and plug it into the USB port on your Vita (please use the USB AUDIO port). After that please go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > SOFTWARE and tap on the INSTALL button. 

Here is what is new:

  • User Interface performance improvements by as much as 70% for browsing and playback functions. 

  • All Music Services now continue to run in the background (except YouTube and YouTube Music). This means your music service will continue to play until you have chosen a track from another source (e.g. a song from the internal HDD).

  • Audiobooks are now available via the Audible app. 

  • Additional music services we have added: YouTube Music, Calm Radio, Juke Musik (Germany only) and MOOV.

  • VEVO has discontinued its service and was therefore removed. 

  • Rare cases where a CD in the Nativ Disc can cause the Nativ Vita to crash have been resolved.

  • Various improvements with the iOS and Android apps. Please download the latest app versions from the Apple or Google Store. 

Known issues: