Play Queue & Playlists.

The process of creating playlists and adding music to the play queue is very similar. To get started please tap on the more options icon next to the music item you want to add. A pop-up will appear.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Play Queue

Creating playlists.

If you want to add only the selected music item to a playlist simply tap on the “ADD TO PLAYLIST: THIS ITEM” option. In the following screen you can choose if you want to add the music to a NEW or EXISTING PLAYLIST(S).  Nativ Vita Network Music Player Play Queue

Once you have selected the playlist confirm your choice with the SAVE button.

If you want to add several music items to a playlist please tap on the “ADD TO PLAYLIST: MULTIPLE ITEMS” option. A slider will come in from the right side that lists all the songs that you plan to add to the playlist. Select the music items by pressing the “+” icon next to it. You can navigate between different music categories (e.g. albums, songs, artists) to add several music items. Nativ Vita Network Music Player Play Queue

To delete a song from the selection please tap on the cross icon. To change the sequence drag the songs by keeping the finger pressed on the sorting icon. Once you have finished your selection tap on the SAVE button and the next screen will allow you to choose between adding the music to a NEW or EXISTING PLAYLIST(S).Nativ Vita Network Music Player Play Queue

All your playlists can be found under MY MUSIC > PLAYLISTS.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Play Queue

Here you will also be able to import playlists from iTunes etc. (not supported in V1 of the software).

Tap on the name of a playlist to access the track list.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Playlist

To edit the playlist please tap on the pen icon. You can delete a track by tapping on the cross icon (the cross will turn blue). Change the sequence of the tracks by dragging them up and down with the sorting icon. Confirm your selection by pressing the SAVE button.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Playlist

Tap on the album icon in the top right corner to view your playlist in the album cover view.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Playlist

Useful tip:

  • You can easily eliminate tracks by sliding down the album cover in the UP NEXT section.
  • Slide the album covers left to see more tracks.  

Adding music to the Play Queue.

Like with playlists you can add music to the play queue directly from the more options pop-up. If you decide to add MULTIPLE ITEMS to the play queue the process is identical to playlists (see above). You can also decide to save the play queue as a playlist.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Playlist

If you want to add a single music item (album, artist or track) to the play queue you have the following options:

  • Next: Adds the music item to play right after the current track.
  • Last: Plays the music item after the last item in the play queue has been played. 
  • Replace: Deletes the current play queue and replaces it with the selected music item.

You can access the play queue either by pressing the PLAY QUEUE icon the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, or by navigating to MY MUSIC > PLAY QUEUE. The design and functionality is identical to playlists.

Last Modified: Dec 24, 2016

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  • James Young
    12/06/16 6:29 am

    an idea for version 2 software.. in the menu “Play Now” and “add to queue” are the top two choices.. how about a space in between them so that it’s harder to accidentally press Play Now when you mean to press “add to queue”. Hehe I can’t count the number of times I accidentally pressed play now and erased my long queue I carefully created

    • Sally Chen > James Young
      12/06/16 12:25 pm

      Hello James, that would be annoying indeed. I will start creating a wish list and we can then address all these requests once all features are implemented and we have more feedback from all of you.

  • kirk S.
    03/28/17 9:13 pm

    I have too much music to develop playlists for music stored on Nativ. Will Nativ import playlists from Musicbee, JRiver, or other? …. Also, will Nativ continue to sync back and forth from NAS or Computer as changes are made in either Nativ or an external storage area?

    • Sally Chen > kirk S.
      03/28/17 10:53 pm

      Hello Kirk,

      we will add importing of playlists to Nativ Vita in V2 of the software and support the most common formats (.m3u, .pls, XML). If you use SMB to cache the music on your NAS or computer the Vita will be able to sync automatically when you update music. UPnP unfortunately has technology limitations and cannot provide this feature. Here is the chapter about the caching:

  • Ken
    04/30/18 5:41 am

    I wondering can we create a playlist from different source? like 1 song from Spotify, 2 song from NAS, 3 song from TIDAL… something like that?

    Also Can we borrows music files in my NAS using “Folder structure” view instead of “Album” or “Artist” ?

    • Nativ Support > Ken
      04/30/18 3:42 pm

      Hello Ken, you can only combine tracks from network libraries and the local hard drive into a playlist or play queue.

      Yes, the Vita does have a FOLDER structure to browse the music on your NAS (or the internal hard drives).


  • Jose A
    08/20/18 9:19 pm

    Importing Playlists

    Is possible to import iTunes playlists ? Transfer playlists from the Mac/PC to the Vita?

    • Nativ Support > Jose A
      08/21/18 6:09 am

      Hello Jose, thank you for your question. Right now we do not support importing of playlists from iTunes or a Mac/PC, but it is on our wish list and we plan to add this in one of the upcoming software releases. Thanks!


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