Controlling your Nativ Vita with a Smartphone.

Browse and play your music with a variety of apps.

Nativ Smartphone apps

Note: Smartphone apps require software 1.4.0 on your Nativ Vita Music Player.

  1. Android app

    You can download the app directly in the Google Play Store here (or search for “Nativ Sound” in the Google Play app on your Smartphone). If you do not have access to the Google Play Store you can download the app (APK) here. To install the APK please follow these instructions.

  2. iOS app

    You can download the app directly in the Apple App Store here (or search for “Nativ Sound” in the App Store app on your iPhone).

When you launch the Nativ app it will first search for the Nativ Vita(s) in your network:Nativ Smartphone app

Once you have selected your Vita you will end up on the HOME screen:Nativ Smartphone app

In the HOME screen you can access the following features:

  • FAVORITES: Quickly access all the artists, albums, songs and playlists that you have marked as favorites.
  • PLAYLISTS: All your playlists 
  • MY MUSIC: Browse all music on the built-in hard drives or network shared libraries cached through the Nativ Vita.
  • MUSIC SERVICES: Launch and control the Nativ Vita through selected music service apps on your Smartphone.

Under MY MUSIC you can browse your music libraries the same way you are used to from the interface on the Nativ Vita: Nativ Smartphone appAlbum view: Nativ Smartphone app

Artist view: Nativ Smartphone app

Playlist view: Nativ Smartphone app


Once you start the playback of music you can access the PLAY SCREEN by tapping on the album artwork in the MINI PLAY BAR on the bottom of the screen: Nativ Smartphone app

Tap on the MORE OPTIONS icon (…) to access additional functions: Nativ Smartphone app


a) Tap on the SEARCH icon in the top right corner to access the search mask: Nativ Smartphone app

b) Tap on the system icon in the top left corner to access the system functions: Nativ Smartphone app


  • ZONES: Stream your music from the Vita to your favorite wireless speakers in the network.
  • SLEEP TIMER: Set the timer when the Vita should go to sleep.
  • POWER: In this menu the Vita can be restarted, put to sleep manually, or completely turned OFF. If the Vita is turned OFF you will need to power it ON with the power button on the device itself.


3rd party apps

We have designed the Digital Media Server (DMS) and Digital Media Renderer (DMR) of the Nativ Vita Music Player with an open architecture. Technically any UPnP Control app should be able to access the music on the internal hard drives, and play it through the audio outputs on the Vita. For now we have tested the following apps to work:

  1. Android: BubbleUPnP
  2. iOS: 8Player

Note: To control the Nativ Vita with these 3rd party apps please make sure it is on the HOME screen. Please also set the Nativ Vita as the Renderer in the apps (otherwise the audio will be output on your smartphone). 

Last Modified: Dec 05, 2018

Comments 6

  • Pete Crichton
    07/15/18 9:40 am

    Fantastic News !!!!!
    This will just take the unit to the next level.

    On the downside from a release perspective, when I have tried to download the latest version 1.4.0 from the Nativ….. the release is not available, or the Nativ cannot see the new release 🙁

    Do you have a seperate URL which will allow me to download the 1.4.0 version, allowing me to install via USB stick ?

    Kind regards,

    • Nativ Support > Pete Crichton
      07/16/18 6:35 am

      Hello Pete, we are uploading the new 1.4.0 as we speak and you will be able to download it directly on your Vita by tonight. Thanks!

  • Larry Caudle
    12/04/18 6:58 pm

    Will the iOS app be released for iPad and will the app eventually come close to mirroring the look and functionality of the Vita GUI?

    • Nativ Support > Larry Caudle
      12/04/18 7:28 pm

      Hello Larry, the iOS app already works on iPads. With version 3.0 we have added a few more of the missing features that are available on the Vita’s UI (e.g. multi-room streaming), so not many features should be missing any more. We don’t plan to adapt the design of the apps to the design of the Vita’s UI as the design is optimized for the (portrait mode) of Smartphones. Happy Holidays!

  • Dave Z
    10/22/19 11:12 pm

    Hello, I am using the IOS App v3.0. I recently added Qobuz the my Vita from the Vita Music Services screen (it sounds absolutely fantastic by the way!). I can use Qobuz from the Nativ Vita screen. However, when I open the IOS app, and tap on the Music Services Screen, I only see Spotify and Tidal (my original streaming apps) and NOT Qobuz.

    Do I need to do something to add Qobuz to the IOS App, too? (I am using the latest 1.6 beta from September)

    Thank you,

    Dave Z


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