Ripping CDs.

Step-by-step instructions on how to import CDs.

Note: The settings and navigation for the CD ripping process is handled via the LCD of the Nativ Vita. A built-in hard disk drive is required to store the music.

Before you start ripping CDs we recommend to set the quality under SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > CD IMPORTING. The Nativ Disc CD Ripper allows you to rip CDs in lossless (FLAC, WAV) or lossy (MP3) quality.

Nativ Disc CD Ripper Settings


  • If you want Nativ Disc to start ripping CDs automatically upon insertion and eject them after completion then please turn ON the AUTOMATIC RIPPING feature. This is helpful if you plan to rip a large number of CDs.
  • If a CD gets stuck in Nativ Disc please tap on the EJECT button.

Once the CD is inserted Nativ Disc will look up the metadata in the online database.

Nativ Disc CD Ripper

You can now decide if you want to play or import the CD (with the option to rip the complete album or single tracks only). Once the CD is imported the Nativ Vita will confirm the number of tracks that have been imported successfully.Nativ Disc CD Ripper Audio Formats


Last Modified: Feb 15, 2018

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  • Parinya V.
    12/21/16 4:55 am

    Is the options for import as AIFF ALAC will be available later?

    • Sally Chen > Parinya V.
      12/21/16 6:06 am

      Hello Parinya, we support these formats when importing music into Nativ Vita (via network or USB hard drive), but currently not when ripping CDs. If it is possible to add these formats we might do that later. Thanks!

  • Thomas Ho
    10/16/17 3:34 pm

    Is the options for import as DSD will be available later?

    • Nativ Support > Thomas Ho
      10/17/17 2:12 am

      Hello Thomas, the Nativ Disc does not support ripping of DVDs as this would have complicated legal implications. We only support ripping of CDs for now.

  • Eduardo Zeni
    12/04/17 12:46 am

    Hello, how can I rip the CD importing the album completing to NAS ? Does the ripping process has any checkup to guarantee the quality on import process?
    Thank you !

    • Nativ Support > Eduardo Zeni
      12/04/17 2:13 am

      Hello Edu, to rip CDs directly to your Vita you will need the Nativ CD Ripper (which rips in bit perfect quality). To rip CDs to your NAS you will need a software (like dBPoweramp). You can then access these CDs via network streaming on the Nativ Vita.

      • Eduardo Zeni > Nativ Support
        12/05/17 12:58 am

        Thanks for answer. But, I would like use the Nativ CD Ripper importing to NAS, isn’t it possible? Or I should rip to Nativ Vita and after move it to NAS.

        • Nativ Support > Eduardo Zeni
          12/05/17 2:40 am

          Hello Edu, sorry but the Nativ Disc can only rip CDs directly to the Vita (which needs an internal hard drive for that). You can copy the music from the Vita to your NAS over the network as the SMB folder is accessible.

  • Jeff Rinker
    02/15/18 8:19 pm

    so ONLY a Nativ Disc can be used to rip CDs direct to the Vita?? A standalone USB optical disc drive from another manufacturer will not be compatible with the Vita??

    • Nativ Support > Jeff Rinker
      02/15/18 10:58 pm

      Hello Rob, yes this is correct. We need to write the drivers for the Nativ Disc and cannot support 3rd party drives for now as this is a time consuming effort. Thanks!

  • AudEric
    04/17/18 10:27 am

    Hi, does the software recognize lower quality files already available on the internal drives and give an option to exchange them with the bitperfect rip?

    • Nativ Support > AudEric
      04/17/18 2:59 pm

      Hello Eric, thank you for your post. The Vita does not overwrite previous (lower quality) copies when ripping CDs. I can see if we can add this as an option at a later time, it certainly sounds like a great idea.

  • J. Navas
    05/04/18 5:00 pm

    Is it possible to rip my SACD and or DVDAudio?

    • Nativ Support > J. Navas
      05/04/18 8:44 pm

      Hello J. Navas, sorry but SACDs or DVD Audio cannot be ripped with the Nativ Disc. Both formats are copyright protected and we cannot circumvent this protection.

  • John
    08/22/19 7:20 pm

    Does the software/gui allow for creating playlists?


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