Settings: Installing your own
hard disk drives.

Nativ Vita features two bays on its backside to install hard disk drives or SSDs that meet the following specifications:

  • 2.5″
  • 7, 9 or 15mm thickness
  • Interface: SATA III (6GB/s)
  • Capacity: With software 1.4.0 and later we support a maximum of 5 TB per drive (10 TB in total).

The following scenarios are supported:

  • One hard disk drive: 100% of capacity will be used for storage of music and related data.
  • Two hard disk drives:
    a) Combine both hard disk drives and use 100% of capacity to store music and related data.
    b) Use one hard disk drive for storage, and the other one for backup.
    Note: If you insert two hard disk drives they must be of the same brand and model.


Installation instructions.

Before installing the HDDs please put your Nativ Vita on a soft surface so it does not get scratched. Place it with the glass front facing downwards so you can access the two hard disk drive bays on the backside.Nativ Vita Music Server HDD installation

Start with removing the one Torx screw that attaches the cover plate (you need a T50 screw driver for that). 

Once you have removed the cover plate please unscrew and remove the hard disk mounting plate(s). They are attached with two Phillips (M3) screws on each side. Note: If you want to install one HDD you only need to remove one mounting plate. It does not matter which slot you are using for the HDD. Nativ Vita Music Server HDD installationAlign the 4 mounting holes on the mounting plate with the 4 mounting holes on the backside of the HDD. The mounting plate must not cover the SATA interface of the hard disk drive.

Attach the hard disk drive with the 4 screws (included) to the mounting plate. 

Nativ Vita SSD installation
Insert the hard disk drive(s) into the bay:

  1. Slide the hard disk drive carefully into the SATA interface on Nativ Vita.
  2. Attach the hard drive mounting plate with the 2 Phillips screws to the mounting poles on the side. 

Nativ Vita Music Server HDD installation

After the drive is inserted please close the Nativ Vita Music Server with the hard drive cover.

Boot up your Nativ and go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > STORAGE to set the configuration for the hard disk drive(s).

Last Modified: Jun 20, 2018

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  • kirk S.
    05/13/17 5:16 pm

    Does it work to load music before installing drives?

    • Sally Chen > kirk S.
      05/13/17 5:28 pm

      Hello Kirk, sorry this will not work. Nativ Vita will format and prepare the hard drives once you insert them so they cannot contain music.

  • Jon
    06/04/17 7:52 pm

    Is the format used one of the standardize PC/Mac/Linux hard drive formats? If so which one? If I understand you would suggest just backing up music files only if necessary. Is there anything else on the hard drive, like some sort of database? Would we be able to back that up or is it worth it?

    • Nativ Support > Jon
      06/05/17 3:11 am

      Hello Jon, the Vita uses EXT4, but it does not really matter for the hard drives you insert. They will be formatted by the Vita in the appropriate format. For the backup to a USB HDD the same applies. The Vita will automatically format the hard drive for the backup. It will backup music data and other things (e.g. playlist data etc.).

      • Jon > Nativ Support
        06/08/17 4:54 am

        Thanks, I guess that means a dedicated hard disk for backing up Vita from USB will be needed. If you have two disks in Vita and they are both used for music, what drive capacity is required to the backup disk if I want to backup all music on both drives (is the backup compressed?)? Can I backup one drive at a time?

        • Nativ Support > Jon
          06/08/17 2:29 pm

          Hello Jon, it depends on the size of the hard drives you have inserted into Nativ Vita. Right now we have tested up to 4TB (2TB per drive), so your USB backup drive in this case should have the same capacity. The Vita will backup the complete library and there is no option to backup separate drives. The files in the backup are uncompressed and not encrypted so you can access them..

          • Jon > Nativ Support
            06/09/17 8:38 am

            Say I can mount a drive using EXT4 in windows or Mac, can I then move my music files onto the drive?

            • Sally Chen > Jon
              06/09/17 3:52 pm

              Hello Jon, sorry this is not possible as the Vita needs to format the hard drive to prepare some files it needs for the operation.

              • Jon > Sally Chen
                06/09/17 4:22 pm

                Sally, the reason I ask, transfer from my network which is all 1 G network seems to take forever, I clocked the transfer at around 11 mb/s (max) way less than what my network is capable of. If I could put a disk locally on my machine, I can take advantage of speed and then reduce many hours into just a few. Now if I take the disk off Vita after it’s formatted, you’re saying I can’ transfer music folders on it? If that’s the case what else does it put on the disk when I transfer those files to Vita as opposed to locally?

                • Sally Chen > Jon
                  06/09/17 4:33 pm

                  Hello Jon, GigE should actually be really fast. Have you disabled IPv6 on your router? This can sometimes cause this problem. If it does not resolve it please do file a support request through your Nativ Vita. This will go directly to support and include the important info we need (software version etc.). I will check with engineering if what you suggest is possible, but I doubt it. I am not sure what files the Vita puts on the internal drives, but if you put these drives afterwards into a PC and add music I am not sure it will not screw things up (the product was not designed for this use case). Another option is to import via USB Hard Drives.

                  • Jon > Sally Chen
                    06/09/17 6:00 pm

                    No I haven’t disabled ip6 but how can this be an issue? It’s inside my network and I am not running out of ip addresses. Plus it would be an issue going on the internet but I don’t for this task. It’s got to be limitations from Vita being on the net. Do you have any other settings from Vita that need attention? I understand I can use a USB drive, first I don’t have a USB drive of that capacity, secondly it would require two transfers instead of one and thirdly if the USB input is 2.0 then I am not gaining anything. It’d be very useful if you can get a confirmation that we can drop files once the drive has been Vita formatted. I can see there is a settings in Vita to rebuild the library so that would be the last step. Let me know, this would save me precious time.

                    • Sally Chen > Jon
                      06/09/17 7:07 pm

                      Hello Jon. That’s the only setting I know of and it would be great if you can see if it makes a difference. If not the support request through the Vita would be helpful.

                      I will check with engineering about the hard drive. Everyone is really busy as we are releasing a new software soon so please bear with me until they get back to me. If you can’t wait I recommend to simply try it:

                      1) Format the hard drive inside the Vita.
                      2) Copy 1 test track to the Vita.
                      3) Take out the hard drive and connect it to your PC
                      4) Copy the music inside the same folder where the test track is
                      5) Insert the drive into the Vita

                  • Jon > Sally Chen
                    06/09/17 7:42 pm

                    Yep was going to do it, should be relatively quick, if this works will report. Thanks Sally for your help!

                  • Jon > Sally Chen
                    06/09/17 10:17 pm

                    Well happy to say it worked. You need an ext4 read/write software driver. I used Windows 10 and Paragon ExtFS for Windows, there is one available for Mac: ExtFS for Mac 10. They have a free 10 day full speed trial after they throttle the speed down but you can buy it for $19.95 US if you think you’ll use it many times. I did a Synchronize for the library to pick up the changes instead of rebuild which would have most likely taken longer. You drop the files/directories of files in the audio folder and job done, then rebuild on Vita and you’re good to go.

                    • Nativ Support > Jon
                      06/10/17 5:34 am

                      Hello Jon, thanks so much for trying this and providing the feedback. I am sure some of our supporters highly appreciate this info as well.

  • Leland
    12/16/17 4:44 am

    The FAQ article “Can I insert my own hard disk drives?” mentions that there will be a list in the online User Guide of specific HDDs that you have tested or others have reported to work. Would this page be the logical place for that list or a link to that list? (You might as well provide a link from the FAQ article.)

    Also helpful would be another list of HDDs that someone has found NOT to work, even when they are SATA-III and have the correct physical attributes.

    • Nativ Support > Leland
      12/16/17 10:33 am

      Hello Leland, we have currently only tested the 2 drives that we use ourselves (WD Blue Line, WD20NPVZ and Samsung SSD, MZ-75E2T0B/AM). Maybe customers that have installed their own hard drives can post it here. Also the ones that do not work.

    03/11/18 7:08 pm

    Les disques dur Samsung SSD 860 EVO MZ-76E500B / EU ou SSD 850 EVO MZ-75E500B / EU sont-ils compatibles avec le Nativ Vita sachant qu’ ils font 69 mm d’épaisseur ? Les autres spécifications correspondent à celles que vous préconisez .

    Merci pour votre réponse

    • Nativ Support > VALANDRE
      03/11/18 7:18 pm


      Oui, ces disques durs devraient fonctionner correctement avec la Vita et l’épaisseur est OK. Cependant, nous recommandons d’utiliser le SSD suivant car il a été entièrement testé pour fonctionner avec la Nativ Vita: Samsung, MZ-75E2T0B / AM



  • Patrick Halff
    04/11/18 10:04 am

    If i put in 2 ssd disks for music storage, will those same disks then also be used for music library caching if attached to my Synology nas ?

    • Nativ Support > Patrick Halff
      04/11/18 3:03 pm

      Hello Patrick, thank you for your post. The Vita will use the SSDs for Caching only if the library on your NAS exceeds 50,000 tracks. If the library is smaller it will use its built-in EMMC memory.

  • Jean-Marie Zeitouni
    06/19/18 12:18 pm

    Good day

    Samsung has launched the new generation of it’s sata drives. The 850 is replaced by the 860 (it seems) that goes up to 4TB each.

    Samsung 860 Evo 2.5″ SATA III 4TB Internal SSD (MZ-76E4T0B/AM)

    Will the vita support these ?

    Can I install 2X 4TB ?

    Can I install one of these ?

    There’s also a 2TB version (I could get two of those) would it work ?

    Lots of questions, sorry

    • Nativ Support > Jean-Marie Zeitouni
      06/19/18 3:01 pm

      Hello Jean-Marie, right now we only support hard drives with 2TB capacity. We will however expand the support to 5TB per drive in software 1.4.0, which should come out in about 2 weeks. The Samsung 850 drives work fine, we use them as well. We have not tested the 860 drives yet, but they should also work fine with software 1.4.0.

  • Trevor
    12/20/18 12:21 am

    Hello, Is there any issues if you start off using just one HDD and then if I need additional space in the future I can add the other card? I don’t want to do this and then find out when I configure the second card it affects the existing card and files.

    • Nativ Support > Trevor
      12/20/18 1:48 am

      Dear Trevor,

      thank you for your post. You can add a 2nd hard drive later, but will then have to format the first one as the Vita will need to set up both hard drives together. However, this should be no problem. Simply do a backup of your music library to a USB HDD and then restore it after the installation of the 2nd HDD.




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