Using the Remote Control.

Like the Nativ Vita Music Player the Nativ Wave DAC & Headphone amplifier can be controlled through the Nativ System Remote Control:

Nativ Wave Remote Control

The DAC functionality on the remote control is as follows: 


Toggle between the digital audio inputs of Nativ Wave (USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF 1, SPDIF 2)


Turns ON/OFF the DSD Up-Sampling (128Fs)


Toggle between the different Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters. The available filters are: Linear Phase, Minimum Phase, Slow Roll-Off, Fast Roll-Off, Standard Attenuation and Anodizing Attenuation*


Toggle between the different display modes you have defined for each of the two OLEDs. See also user guide chapter about the DAC setup.


Turns the 2 OLEDs ON or OFF.

Volume (+/-) and MUTE

Adjusts or mutes the volume on the analog and the headphone outputs.


* Want to know what Finite Impulse Response filters do? Here is a short description of each filter category:

  • Linear Phase filters only affect signal amplitude. The phase response of the filter is a linear function of frequency and consequently there is no phase distortion. However such filter response introduces moderate amount of pre-ringing and post-ringing.
  • Minimum Phase filters only add post-ringing artifacts, but show a higher amount of post-ringing than that of a Linear Phase filter with the same frequency response. Furthermore Minimum Phase filters introduce a slight phase shift that increases with frequency.
  • Apodizing filters are designed for a full attenuation at the Nyquist frequency, in order to avoid any aliasing artefacts. The cut-off frequency is slightly lower compared to a non-apodizing filter.
  • Fast roll-off filters offer an optimal spectrum with a high attenuation of the high frequency noise. Slow roll-off filters offer better transients while having less optimal spectrum linearity and high frequency attenuation.
Last Modified: Aug 30, 2018

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  • Will
    12/04/16 10:10 pm

    Sorry, what do the different filters mean in plain English? Thanks.

    • Sally Chen > Will
      12/05/16 12:02 am

      Hello Will, sorry I am not sure how to better describe it as this is what I got from our engineers. At the end these filters will allow you to adjust the sound characteristics of the Wave DAC. We recommend to test them with your system to see which one delivers the sound you like the best.

      • Jon > Sally Chen
        12/05/16 1:21 am

        I couldn’t have described it any better. Having the ability to play with filters truly add to the features of the DAC, it could be described in a way as sound tuning.

  • paco
    08/26/18 4:32 pm

    Support this DAC audio files from dvd-videos and blueray discs?

    • Nativ Support > paco
      08/27/18 5:45 am

      Dear Paco,

      thank you for your post. Yes, the DAC can play files from “dvd-videos and blueray discs” as long as they are connected via one of the provided digital inputs (USB, optical, coax or AES/EBU).


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