Browsing and streaming your music with Roon.

As part of our open platform strategy the Nativ Vita Music Player gives you the option to browse and stream your music via the 3rd party software from Roon Labs. You need to license their software to take advantage of this feature.Nativ Vita Roon

To launch the Roon interface please go to MY MUSIC and tap on the “SWITCH TO ROON” button at the end of the music categories.Nativ Vita Music Player Roon

In Version 1 of the software Nativ Vita supports the following features of Roon, directly from its 11.6″ Touchscreen:

  • Browse music stored on a PC/Mac/NAS (with Roon Core installed). 
  • Browse music stored on the built-in hard drives of Nativ Vita (Note: The library on Nativ Vita must be added via SMB and indexed by the Roon Core on a PC/Mac/NAS. Please see below for more details.). 
  • Play music through the Nativ Vita’s digital audio outputs (USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF) to connected DACs and Amplifiers/Receivers.

These features are also supported via Roon’s iOS and Android Smartphone app.

In Version 2 of the Nativ Vita OS we will support Roon’s RAAT protocol and add full Roon-Ready certification, which delivers the following additional features:

  • Nativ Vita automatically discovers and connects to Roon with no network configuration.
  • Seamless 2-way communication between Roon Core, Nativ Vita and other Roon-ready devices in the network. All key functions (e.g. volume, play controls, power/sleep, source switching etc.) and their respective state is automatically synchronized for all Roon-ready devices, with convenient control from Nativ Vita or the Roon iOS and Android app. 
  • Use RAAT to stream music from Roon Core to Nativ Vita, other Roon-Ready devices and Airplay end-points simultaneously. In bit-perfect quality. 
  • Use Roon’s iOS and Android app to control Nativ Vita.
  • Setup and control output devices that are connected to the USB port of Nativ Vita — like the Nativ Wave DAC — through the Roon interface.

Adding the music on the Nativ Vita to Roon.

To browse the music on the internal Hard Disk Drives please add the Nativ Vita to the Roon Core on your Mac/PC/NAS via SMB. The SMB path for your Nativ Vita is “X.X.X.X/vita”, where the “X.X.X.X” represents the IP address of your Nativ Vita (Note: You can find the IP address of your Nativ Vita by going to SETTINGS > CONNECTIVITY > NETWORK).

If your Roon Core is running on Windows, please enter the path to the Nativ Vita SMB folder like this:


If your Roon Core is running on a Mac or Linux machine, please enter the path like this:


For the username and password please enter “nativ”. You can find additional information about how to add the Nativ Vita to Roon via SMB on Roon’s website.

Choosing Nativ Vita as the output source.

To playback music through the audio outputs of Nativ Vita please select “Nativ-MX6Q” as the ZONE in Roon. “System Output” refers to your PC/Mac where the Roon Core is installed.

You can find Roon’s complete online user guide here.

Using the ROON smartphone and tablet apps to remote control the Nativ Vita.

If you are running ROON on the Nativ Vita Music Player you can use their smartphone and tablet apps (iOS and Android) to control it. To enable this feature please proceed as follows:

  1. Launch ROON on your Nativ Vita
  2. Open the ZONES pop-up and select the Nativ Vita (Listed as “NATIV-MX6Q”).
  3. In the pop-up tap on the three vertical dots next to “NATIV-MX6Q” and select “DEVICE SETUP”.
  4. Disable the “Private Zone” and then save the settings.

The Vita should now appear in the ROON app on your smartphone or tablet.

Last Modified: Jul 04, 2018

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