Settings: Backup, Restore and
Sync your music library.

Backup & Restore.

To backup the music library on the internal hard disk drives of your Nativ Vita Music Server to an external USB Hard Drive please of to SETTINGS > MUSIC LIBRARY > LOCAL HDD.Nativ Vita Music Server Backup

If you have not done a backup before the Nativ Vita will ask you to do a FULL BACKUP first. After that you can do INCREMENTAL BACKUPS, which will only backup the music that has been added since your last backup.


  • The backup functionality does not only save your music, but also your playlists and favorites.
  • The USB Hard Drive for the backup will be formatted automatically when you initiate a full backup. Please make sure it does not contain any important information.

If you ever have to reinstall the operating system of your Nativ Vita the RESTORE functionality will allow you to load your music library back onto the internal hard disk drives. Simply insert the USB Hard Drive with your backup files and tap on the RESTORE button.

Synchronize & Re-build.

In rare cases the music library on your internal hard drives might not show all the music that you have imported. In this case please initiate the SYNCHRONIZE function. It will compare the music in the import folder with the music that has been indexed and will then update any changes. The REBUILD function is only necessary in very rare instances and will completely rebuild your music library from scratch, using the music library in the import folder as reference and overwriting all data in the local music library index.


Last Modified: Dec 06, 2016

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  • kirk S.
    05/22/17 6:30 pm

    Can synchronize be used in both directions and for both added and deleted files? For instance, if I delete a song or folder on one device (vita hard disk, computer…), will it delete on the other device/hard drive when using synchronize?

    • Nativ Support > kirk S.
      05/22/17 7:45 pm

      Hello Kirk, sorry but the synchronization feature is only designed to ensure that the music you copied to the the SAMBA (import) folder on the Nativ Vita shows up in your library. It is not intended to sync music libraries on your computer etc.

      • kirk S. > Nativ Support
        05/22/17 9:08 pm

        Thanks Sally, any chance sync will be added in the future?

        • Nativ Support > kirk S.
          05/22/17 9:26 pm

          Hello Kirk, its is on the wish list and we are looking at an implementation via RSYNC. We need to finish all the promised features first though before we can tackle this topic.

  • Jon
    06/22/17 11:03 am

    Questions: If I have 4 TB internal drive capacity, for backup purpose, is Vita going to format the USB drive as a 4 TB drive or just 2 TB? If I started with a 2TB drive and expand it to 4 TB, should I reformat the USB drive so it will be able to backup the 4TB internal drives?

    • Nativ Support > Jon
      06/22/17 4:06 pm

      Hello Jon, for backing up the Vita will format the USB Hard Drive in whatever capacity it comes. So you need to make sure that the USB HDD has enough capacity to store the backup from the internal hard drives of the Vita. So there is no need to reformat the USB HDD as long as it has enough space for the backup.


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