Download: Setup Guide

For Nativ Vita and Nativ Disc.

Download the current version of the Setup Guide for the Nativ Vita High-Res Network Music Player and the Nativ Disc CD Ripper here.

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2016

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  • Alex Okobia
    02/12/17 11:33 pm

    Please when is this product out ans completed for delivering to buyer

    • Sally Chen > Alex Okobia
      02/13/17 1:09 am

      Hello Alex, we will start shipping in about a week from now. Depending one your order number we can give you an estimate. If you do not have an order yet we estimate a 1-2 week lead time once we have received the order.

  • Brad Lee
    03/24/17 9:17 am

    Thank you

  • Carlos Ortega
    12/20/18 7:29 pm

    The Natic Disc I recently received has a power input port alongside the USB port. In the available user guide (this one, internet) the drawing and instructions refer to, probably, the original idea of it being powered only by USB. So my guess is, to always connect it to a mains power source and the USB to the Vita…. (?) (also in the print version that comes with the Nativ Disk, the drawing has just the USB port).

    • Nativ Support > Carlos Ortega
      12/21/18 3:22 pm

      Hello Carlos, sorry about the confusion. Yes, originally the plan was to run the Nativ Disc bus-powered, but the high reading speeds did not allow for that. So you will need to connect the power supply. Here is how the Disc should be connected to the Vita:

      1) The USB cable that came with the Nativ Disc is connected to …
      a) the USB port (Type A) next to the Ethernet port on the Nativ Vita.
      b) to the USB port (Type B) on the Nativ Disc (Type B is the squarish looking USB port)

      2) The Power supply for the Nativ Disc is connected to the USB port (Type A) on the Nativ Disc

      Please also see

      We will update our user guide shortly. Thanks for pointing this out.

    05/26/19 9:10 am

    Is it possible to use a USB hub to connect both the Nativ Disc and an external USB Hard drive? Thanks.

    • Nativ Support >
      05/26/19 1:25 pm

      Hello Gasgnys. Thank you for your post. Unfortunately that is not possible. Have a nice Sunday!


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