Setup Wizard.

Starting up your Nativ Vita for the first time.

When you turn on your Nativ Vita Network Music Player for the first time a simple Setup Wizard will guide you through the most important settings.

Step 1: Language

Currently Nativ Vita only supports English, but we will be adding additional languages soon.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard 

Step 2: Network

Connect your Nativ Vita via its wireless or wired network connectivity.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Once the network connection is established a summary will show the most important details:Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Step 3: Date & Time

As a default your Nativ Vita will automatically get the date and time for your location over the internet.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Additionally you can set the date and time manually.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Step 4: Music

If your Nativ Vita comes with a built-in Hard Disk Drive this option will define how they will be set up.

a) With one hard disk driveNativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

b) With two hard disk drives

Choose if you want to use both hard disk drives for music storage or one of them for backup.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

If your Nativ Vita has no hard disk drive you can simply skip this step:Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

If you want to insert your own hard disk drives later you can access this feature through the regular settings.

Step 5: Output

Decide if you want to output audio through the regular digital audio outputs or USB.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Step 6: Register

With the registration your product warranty will be activated and you can access the support feature directly from your Nativ Vita.Nativ Vita Network Music Player Setup Wizard

Last Modified: Dec 08, 2016

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  • Michael Fredmark
    01/29/17 9:36 am

    If you start out with one disc and then after some time put in a additional disc, will you have to start all over and copy all the music to the system again?

    • Sally Chen > Michael Fredmark
      01/29/17 5:44 pm

      Hello Michael, let me check with our engineers. They are currently off on Chinese New Year vacation so I will have to get back to you once they return. Have a great Sunday!

    • Sally Chen > Michael Fredmark
      02/07/17 6:58 am

      Hello Michael, I spoke with our engineers and you will not need to format the original hard disk drive when you insert a new one. The Vita will format the 2nd drive and then ask you if you want to use it as a backup drive or to extend your capacity and store music.

      • Michael Fredmark > Sally Chen
        02/12/17 5:26 pm

        hello Sally
        thank you thats good news

  • Iyamu
    06/01/17 4:52 pm

    I just received my Nativ Player – Very Nice! I’ll be adding my own Disks. I don’t recall ( we covered this when I first ordered it) Can I use and mix a 1 TB SSD disk and a 1 TB 7200 SATA 6GBs drive? Or do I have to go with all hard drives or all SSDs?

  • Eduardo
    08/06/17 4:40 pm

    Hi. Could I use all of them audio outputs simultaneously? Thank you!

    • Nativ Support > Eduardo
      08/07/17 2:53 am

      Hello Eduardo, right now you can only use one output at a time. We might enable simultaneous output later. It is a mere software change.

  • Mike A. Agsteribbe
    01/24/18 6:40 pm

    In which phase is Roon support at this moment? Is RAAT fully implemented, if not when this be expected?

    • Nativ Support > Mike A. Agsteribbe
      01/24/18 11:46 pm

      Hello Mike, thank you for your post. We currently act as a ROON endpoint and also run their user interface on the Vita’s 11.6″ LCD, but RAAT has not been implemented yet. We estimate this to happen by March. Thanks!

  • Jose
    03/23/19 6:48 am

    Buenos Dias

    El Español esta como opcion en el menu principal

    • Nativ Support > Jose
      03/23/19 1:32 pm

      Hola José, lo siento pero el español no es compatible todavía. Planeamos agregar esto a mediados del año. ¡Ten un excelente fin de semana!

  • John
    08/19/19 10:08 pm

    I understand “receiving” and streaming online content, but can it stream from the NATIV “to” a pair of wireless speakers?


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