Streaming music from Smartphones
via Bluetooth.


  • The Nativ Vita Music Player streams music from your Smartphone via Bluetooth, Google Cast and Airplay. This chapter covers the streaming via Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth on the Nativ Vita supports the aptX standard. Both devices (sender and receiver) need to support aptX to take advantage of the high-quality audio CODEC.
  • Streaming from Smartphones is not supported in Version 1 of the Operating System and will be added in one of the sub-releases of Version 1.

To connect your Smartphone to Nativ Vita please first make sure the Bluetooth module is turned on (see SETTINGS > CONNECTIVITY > BLUETOOTH).Nativ Vita Smartphone Streaming via Bluetooth

If you do not want your Smartphone to connect automatically to Nativ Vita please turn OFF the AUTOMATIC RECONNECT feature (Note: only Smartphones that have been previously connected to Nativ Vita can automatically reconnect.)

You can change the name under which Nativ Vita appears as a discoverable Bluetooth device in the DEVICE NAME section of this page.

Once you have connected your phone please follow these steps to play music:

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Smartphone.
  2. Select the Nativ Vita in the list of discoverable Bluetooth devices.
  3. Once it is connected start the playback from any music app on your Smartphone and the audio will be played through the Nativ Vita.

Nativ Vita Smartphone Streaming via Bluetooth

The Nativ Vita displays the music information and album artwork from your Smartphone on its 11.6″ LCD. You can browse and control the music (play/pause, skip etc.) either from your smartphone or on the LCD of the Vita.Nativ Vita Smartphone Streaming via Bluetooth

Last Modified: Dec 08, 2016

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