Settings: System Analysis.

We believe that a product is only as good as its support. That is why we implemented a sophisticated system analysis and logging tool that provides us with detailed information to assist you quickly. If your Nativ Vita is connected to the internet you can even request support conveniently from its LCD. Simply go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > ANALYSIS to get started.Nativ Vita Music Player Support

If the problem you experience can be replicated we recommend to create a system log first. To do so please turn on the SYSTEM LOG feature.Nativ Vita Music Player Support

Once you have turned on the SYSTEM LOG please perform the activity on your Nativ Vita that causes the issue.

After you have successfully replicated the problem simply go back to the SYSTEM ANALYSIS screen and tap on the UPLOAD SYSTEM LOG button. A SUPPORT REQUEST pop-up will appear next. Note: If your Nativ Vita is not connected to the internet you can also load the system log to a USB stick by pressing the EXPORT SYSTEM LOG button.
Nativ Vita Music Player Support

Please enter the necessary information and tap on CONFIRM to send us your support request. Nativ Vita will now upload the system log and our support team will get notified. Nativ Vita Music Server System Analysis

Our support team usually replies within 24 hours to the email address that was submitted with your support request.

Last Modified: Dec 08, 2016

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  • Jon
    12/11/16 12:08 am

    That’s brilliant, right off Vita itself. You took me completely by surprise, I wonder what else is in the system? 😉

    • Sally Chen > Jon
      12/11/16 5:18 am

      Hello Jon, a lot more is still to come (-:

  • Kirk
    12/18/18 4:16 am

    2 Questions: 1). I am trying to send a log and have completed the fields but “CONFIRM” is greyed out and I can’t send it. Any guidance? 2). Does the Vita save more than one log? I did two in a row to show two different issues. thanks.

    • Nativ Support > Kirk
      12/18/18 2:09 pm

      Dear Kirk,

      thank you for your support request. If the CONFIRM button is grayed out it means that some information is missing. Please enter some additional text (#6) and adjust the drop-downs for PRODUCT (#3) and DETAIL (#5) if that does not activate the CONFIRM button.

      The Vita only stores one error log at a time, but if you did not turn off the error log while recording these 2 issues they should be both in the same file.




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